Carne Asada Fried Rice

Carne Asada spice flavored Wagyu Beef Nasi Goreng. A combination of marinated Wagyu beef, Coconut Rice Nasi Goreng with chunks of grilled Beef.

Mexican Bowl

El Toro’s OG classic – packed with juicy char grilled skirt steak on a fresh bed of red tomato rice with sauteed corn and baked beans.

Colombian Bowl

Hearty Colombian staple! A combination of marinated grilled Wagyu flap steak and eggs paired with locally sourced tomatoes and sautéed onions on a bed of fragrant coconut rice – El Toro’s latest must-have!

Jerk Chicken Fried Rice

Juicy Fried Jerk Chicken thigh served on a bed of fragrant Coconut Rice Nasi Goreng, flavored in aromatic Jamaican Jerk Chicken spice.

Jamaican Bowl

Our best seller must-have! Juicy Jamaican grilled jerk chicken thigh served on a bed of fragrant garlic yellow rice with perfectly sauteed corn and baked beans.

Chicken Curry Bowl

A hearty bowl of Caribbean comfort food! Jamaican chicken curry cooked with chunks of potato and served along our house-made lime coconut rice.

Barbados Bowl

Taste of the Caribbean – mouthwatering lime coconut rice topped with fresh pan-seared dory fillet with authentic vegetable stew and baked beans that will transport you to the beach.

Jerk Tempeh Bowl – Vegetarian

A vegetarian must-try! Grilled tempeh marinated in El Toro’s original paired with aromatic yellow garlic rice, topped with sauteed corn and baked bean.

BBQ Tofu Bowl – Vegetarian

Pan-seared and perfectly grilled BBQ Tofu, paired with sauteed Mushroom and Green Bean, and served on a bed of fragrant Mexican Red Tomato Rice.